MA Approved Septic System Technology

Sep­tic Sys­tem Technology

Gen­eral Approved List from MA DEP




ADS GEO-​flow Pipe Leach­ing System GeoFlow Pipe Leach­ing System Alter­na­tive SAS

* Bed only

Advan­tex Treat­ment System Advan­tex AX20, AX100 Tex­tile filter
Amphidrome Amphidrome Process Sub­merged Attached-​Growth Sequenc­ing Bioreactor
Bio­clere 16, 22, 24, 30, and 36 series Trick­ling Filter
BioD­if­fuser and ARC Chambers BioD­if­fuser 11″ Stan­dard, BioD­if­fuser 14″ High Capac­ity, BioD­if­fuser 16″ High Capac­ity, BioD­if­fuser 15″ Nar­row (Bio 2), BioD­if­fuser 22″ Nar­row (Bio 3), ARC 36, ARC 36HC, ARC 50, ARC 18, ARC 24, ARC 36 LP (3.8 inch-​invert), and ARC 36 LP (8 inch-​invert) Alter­na­tive SAS
Bio-​Microbics MicroFAST Micro­FAST, High Strength FAST, and NitriFAST Aer­o­bic Treat­ment Unit
Bio-​Microbics MicroFAST Micro­FAST, High Strength FAST, and Nitri­FAST for Sys­tems less than 2,000 GPD Aer­o­bic with Nitro­gen Reduc­tion Treat­ment Unit
BUSSE-​MF System Mod­els B-​220, 440, 660, 880, 1000, 1500, 2000 Acti­vated sludge process and a mem­brane process (biological-​filtration)
Clean Solu­tion Treat­ment System 250, 250 Inte­gral, 250PT, 250ST3, 250ST4, 600, 1000, 1750, 2500, 3100 and 10000 Bio­log­i­cal Treat­ment Unit
Cro­ma­glass WWT Systems CA-​5, CA-​12, CA-​25, CA-​30, CA-​50, CA-​60, CA-​100, CA-​120, and CA-​150 Sequenc­ing Batch Reactor
Cul­tec Chambers EZ-​24; Con­tac­tor C4; Recharger 180, 280 and 330XL Alter­na­tive SAS
Dom­i­na­tor Sep­tic Tanks 1001010W, 1001411W, 1001511W Poly­eth­yl­ene sep­tic tanks
Eljen In-​Drain Systems Type B43 and A42 Alter­na­tive SAS
EZ Flow Poly­styrene Aggre­gate System EZ1202V, EZ1203T, EZ1203H, EZ1402V, EZ1203 Bed, EZ1203 Mound Alter­na­tive SAS
Flowtech Poly­styrene Aggre­gate Soil Absorp­tion System FTS122V-​1 OC, 24 inch FTS123T-​1 OC, 30 inch FTS123T-​1 OC, FTSG123H-​1 OC, FTS 142V-​1 OC, FTSG129H-​3 OC (bed) and FTSG129H-​3 OC (mound) Alter­na­tive SAS
Geoflow Sub­sur­face Drip Waste­water Dis­posal System Clas­sic WF 16 and WF Spe­cial Order and WFPC 16 and WFPC Spe­cial Order series Pres­sure Dis­tri­b­u­tion Sys­tem (Subsurface)
Hoots Aer­o­bic Systems Hoots Aeroic H-​Series
H-​500A, H-​600A, H-​750A and H-​1000A
Aer­a­tion device with indige­nous bacteria
Infil­tra­tor Chambers High Capac­ity cham­ber, Quick4 High Capac­ity cham­ber, Stan­dard cham­ber, Quick4 Stan­dard cham­ber, Quick4 Plus Stan­dard, Quick4 Plus Stan­dard LP (Low Pro­file), Infil­tra­tor 3050 (Storm Tech SC-​740), Equal­izer 24 cham­ber, Quick4 Equal­izer 24 cham­ber, Equal­izer 36 cham­ber, Quick4 Equal­izer 36 cham­ber, and Quick4 Equal­izer 24 LP (Low Profile) Alter­na­tive SAS
JET Aer­o­bic Waste­water Treatment JET-​500, JET-​750, JET-​1250, JET-​1500 Aer­o­bic Treat­ment Unit
Perc-​Rite Drip System ASD 15, 25, and 40 Pres­sure Dis­tri­b­u­tion Sys­tem (Subsurface)
Piraña Sys­tem [for­merly Aqua­worx Remediator] Piraña Sys­tem SAS Aer­a­tion with Bac­te­r­ial Augmentation
Poly­eth­yl­ene Sep­tic Tanks TW-​1050, TW-​1250, and TW-​1500 Poly­eth­yl­ene sep­tic tanks
Poly­eth­yl­ene Sep­tic Tanks 41759, 41780, 41819, 42396 Poly­eth­yl­ene sep­tic tanks
Presby Enviro-​Septic Waste­water Treat­ment System Enviro-​Septic Alter­na­tive SAS *

* Bed only

Roth Global SEPTECH**

** this replaces FRALO SEPTEC poly tanks

ST 1060, 1250, and 1500 Poly­eth­yl­ene Sep­tic Tanks
RUCK Sys­tems less than 2000 gpd Fil­ter
Sep­tiTech Treat­ment System 400, 550, 750, 1200, 1500 and 3000 Tex­tile fil­ter
Trick­ling Filter
Sin­gu­lair Sin­gu­lair 960 and 960 DN Aer­o­bic Treat­ment Unit
Sludge­ham­mer Sludge­ham­mer Alter­na­tive Treat­ment System SAS Aer­a­tion with Bac­te­r­ial Augmentation
Smith & Love­less FAST System Mod­u­lar FAST Aer­o­bic Treat­ment Unit
Water­loo Biofilter Biofil­ter Trick­ling Filter